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Building Blocks


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Join us as we construct knitted blocks from the book "Building Blocks" by Michelle Hunter of Knit Purl Hunter. Each of the 12 knitted blocks in the book focus on building a particular knitting skill, and builds upon the skills learned in the previous block. We will follow the progression of the blocks as set forth in the book, and when complete, your reward is an abundance of knitting know-how along with 12 unique blocks to assemble into a sampler afghan, baby blanket, or pillows! We encourage you to attend all 12 sessions.

$50 entitles you to attend all 12 sessions. If you purchase all your yarn at the start of the program, you will receive a free Building Blocks book. We strongly encourage you to pick your yarn prior to the first class.

Each Saturday, 10:30am - 12:30pm, starting Saturday, January 9 - April 2 (we will skip Saturday, March 19)